Construction Division

The Construction Division performs complex work related to the management and execution of the Capital Improvement Program for Lake County, including direct oversight of all new facility construction and major remodeling projects. Staff is responsible for administering project management for new construction and large projects, coordinating minor remodeling or infrastructure repairs, consultant solicitation and selection, bidding, procurement of construction, furnishings, equipment, land acquisition, relocation services and all other ancillary items involved in construction.

Completion of the Lake County Courthouse Expansion Project

Lake County Court Tower

In 2012, the Lake County Board approved the Lake County Courthouse Expansion Project to increase the efficiency of the justice system and support the growth of the justice agencies out to the year 2030 and beyond. 

The new eight-story, 200,000 sq. foot court tower houses 12 new courtrooms, jury assembly space, various administrative services and room for six future courtrooms. 
The court tower is now the tallest building in Waukegan, standing approximately 170 feet above street level. The north face of the building features a façade, referred to as “the wave,” a signature design concept that recognizes the significant of Lake Michigan in Lake County.

Other Completed Projects

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