Shared Services Initiative

Leveraging Shared Services to Gain Efficiencies

Lake County continues to explore ways to collaborate and coordinate with other units of governments through our shared services initiative to improve efficiency, generate greater economies of scale, and achieve costs savings. For example, Lake County will pursue joint purchasing opportunities, including jointly bidding for salt, as well as other goods and services. Lake County will also leverage opportunities to share services with municipalities, such as for plan review and inspection services.

In July 2018, Lake County hosted a series of shared services meetings with local government agencies to discuss opportunities for working together and further collaboration. View the presentation (PDF).

Examples of Shared Services Initiatives:

Regional 911 Consolidation

Lake County is leading an effort in collaboration with public safety partners from across the county to explore opportunities to consolidate many 911 centers into a few regional 911 centers to improve quality, efficiency, and provide cost savings. Learn more. 

Joint Purchasing 

Purchasing goods and services jointly and cooperatively with other governments, from salt to paper, can result in significant cost savings. Lake County leads an effort annually to jointly bid for salt with other municipalities that continues to grow in participation. Learn more


Lake County launched a new integrated Permit and Inspection System in 2017 that will improve inter-departmental efficiencies, enhance customer service, improve communication, and reduce the amount of time it takes for permits and inspections. The new system brings together multiple County departments, including: Planning, Building & Development, Health, Division of Transportation, Public Works, and the Stormwater Management Commission into a single unified permitting system. It will also open the door for shared service opportunities with other jurisdictions providing for a more cost-effective option and streamlined permitting.

Intergovernmental Agreements

Lake County continues to leverage opportunities to share services with municipalities, such as for plan review and inspection services. Over the last several years, Planning, Building and Development has expanded its contracts with a number of municipalities for inspection services and is accommodating the workload associated with these expanded contracts through efficient and flexible staffing utilization. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office also has a number of contracts with municipalities to provide law enforcement services.