Strategic Plan

Investing in People and Our Communities 

The county board works for all residents to deliver services and solve problems that impact their daily lives, from health services to roads to jobs. The Lake County Board has a strategic plan, which serves as a road map for our county government and influences how we prioritize and invest our resources.  

View the County Board's current strategic plan, adopted in July 2019. 

Our Mission – (Our core purpose; Why we exist)

Deliver exceptional, financially and environmentally responsive/responsible services that promote a safe, affordable, healthy, and resilient community. 

Our Vision  – (Illustrates where we aspire to be in the future)

Lake County is a place where all people, families, and businesses have the opportunity to thrive, and its government is an innovative leader and model of excellence.

Our Values – (Influence everything we do)

Our Values  
Leadership Provide leadership in communicating, interacting and cooperating with residents, businesses, other governments, and stakeholders, leading to innovative regional collaboration, increased efficiency and cost savings, and improved quality of life.
Fiscal Responsibility Uphold fiscal integrity, make performance-driven decisions based on future impacts and social costs, manage priorities, leverage partnerships for more efficient use of resources, and maintain sustainable and prudent financial operations. This includes a balanced budget, strong reserves, and an AAA financial rating, with a commitment to transparency, honesty, reliability and accountability.
Exceptional Service Deliver cost-effective, efficient, responsive and high-quality services, placing a high value on professionalism and courtesy that enhances the value of government services to residents and builds public trust and confidence.
Operational Excellence Be an employer of choice that promotes and cultivates a culture that encourages and fosters continuous improvement, exploration and adoption of new techniques, technologies, and operational efficiencies that maximize outcomes and advance positive, progressive change.
Environmental Stewardship Encourage the adoption of environmentally sustainable policies and practices by residents, businesses, and County staff.

Strategic Initiatives

The County’s team of dedicated and responsive professionals strives to deliver efficient, cost-effective, accountable, environmentally and fiscally sustainable services. Lake County is
advancing several internal projects and regional initiatives that support the Lake County Board’s
adopted values, strategic goals, and actions. Examples include: 
Leveraging Shared Services to Gain Efficiencies
Capital Improvements
Public Safety Image

Strategic Goal: Provide Public Safety and Advance an Integrated, Data-Driven Justice System 

Summary Statement Create safe communities through an integrated, humane, data-driven justice system, including stakeholders and law enforcement personnel who embrace community policing to build public trust, and other innovative programs aimed at reducing crime, recidivism, family violence, and substance abuse.
1. Shift resources from enforcement to prevention, including community policing
2. Enhance technologies and data sharing/ integration
3. Evaluate and identify adult and youth criminal justice and diversion programs that address social, mental, emotional and behavioral (MEB) health issues that lead to criminal behavior
4. Identify and promote intergovernmental approaches to reduce violence

What Are We Doing

Economic Opportunity

Strategic Goal: Enhance Economic Opportunities

Summary Statement Leverage the assets of the county – the Lake County Workforce Ecosystem, skilled talent, diverse communities, and effective infrastructure – to drive balanced growth, revitalization, economic opportunities, and jobs throughout Lake County.
Strategies 1. Enhance the economic climate and business investment readiness.
2. Collaborate with units of local government to create and support employment centers with access to transportation and affordable housing. 
3. Pursue a strategic communication program aimed at retaining and attracting business, stimulating investment, and establishing Lake County’s prominence as a desirable place to work and live. 

What Are We Doing?
Improve Transportation

Strategic Goal: Improve Infrastructure

Summary Statement Develop and implement solutions that support modern, equitable, comprehensive, safe, and sustainable transportation, water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure systems.
Strategies 1. Provide County facilities to adequately meet long-term needs.
2. Develop and implement transportation solutions that provide safe alternatives to single occupied vehicles.
3. Leverage and maximize the use of new and emerging technologies, applications, and studies to enhance the safety and capabilities of infrastructure systems located within Lake County and the region.
4. Advance regional consensus on transportation solutions by collaborating with state and regional agencies, as well as local communities.
5. Work collaboratively with state, regional and local agencies and County residents to reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes on Lake County roadways.

What Are We Doing? Capital Improvements
Sustainable Environment

Strategic Goal: Promote a Sustainable Environment

Summary Statement Preserve the health of our natural resources, air, and drinking water through the widespread use of environmentally sustainable management practices, effective stormwater management, carbon footprint reduction, and the enhancement and rehabilitation of lakes and other ecological systems.
Strategies 1. Implement renewable and conservation-related energy technologies and incorporate environmentally sustainable practices in the delivery of County programs and services.
2. Work with residents, businesses, and other governments to raise awareness about sustainable environmental choices.
3. Implement long-term solutions for increasing waste diversion, reducing the toxicity of our waste, and developing long-term disposal options.
4. Protect and preserve natural resources and ecological systems.
5. Develop a “One Water” Management strategy to holistically approach challenges throughout the entire water cycle. 

What Are We Doing? 

Healthy Communities

Strategic Goal: Build Healthy, Inclusive, and Resilient Communities

Summary Statement Improve the quality of life for all Lake County residents by assuring the places where they live, work and play have the critical elements required to make communities safe, healthy, inclusive, and vibrant.
Strategies 1. Improve policy, systems, and environmental design to promote improvement in health outcomes through the understanding of social and environmental determinants of health.
2. Expand access to behavioral health services and reduce the stigma of behavioral health-related conditions.
3. Foster a culture in Lake County that embraces diversity and inclusion, seeks to understand our differences and leverages the power of diverse perspectives and people in order to shape a brighter future for our communities.

What Are We Doing?