Strategic Plan

The county board works for all residents to deliver services and solve problems that impact their daily lives, from health services to roads to jobs. The Lake County Board has a strategic plan (PDF), which serves as a road map for our county government and influences how we prioritize and invest our resources.

View the County Board's current strategic plan, adopted in September 2023 (PDF).

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Our Mission

Provide exceptional services and support for Lake County’s people, communities, and environments.

Our Vision

A national leader driven to achieve excellence, innovation, and sustainability so all are valued and can thrive.

Our Values


We pursue opportunities with determination and every challenge with creativity, taking pride in and ownership of our work.


We partner to create an inclusive community, where everyone is welcomed, diversity is celebrated and the opinions of all are used to develop, support, and maintain services that are equitable and accessible.


We endeavor to provide superior services in everything we do through continuous improvement, responsiveness and treating all in Lake County with respect, compassion, and care.


We are flexible, forward-thinking, and adaptive to the changing needs of our communities, applying new approaches and creative practices to solve problems and promote positive change. 


We are committed to being visible, accessible, engaged, and setting an example for others to follow.


We act with integrity and transparency and do what is right fiscally earning the trust and confidence in our County/communities/community.


We act and operate in an environmentally responsible manner and lead by modeling best practices and incorporating sustainability in every aspect of our work.