Other Lost Pets

If you are the owner of a pet shown or have found one of the pets shown, please contact Animal Care and Control at 847-377-4700. Please note that none of the pets shown are currently housed at Animal Care and Control.


Lost Pet's ID Number: A817609
Pet Description: Cockatiel, gray and white, male, 6 year old
Town/Area Lost: Round Lake Heights
Date Last Seen: February 2020
A817609 Ash


Lost Pet's ID Number:
Pet Description: Peach Faced Lovebird, green/yellow/peach, female 1 year 7 months old
Area/Town Lost: Beach Park
Date Last Seen: July 6, 2020
A801934 Kiwi


Lost Pet's ID Number:
Pet Description: Cockatiel, gray and yellow with orange circles on face, male, 1 year old
Area/Town Lost: Wauconda
Date Last Seen: September 15, 2020
A806103 Frankie


Lost Pet's ID Number: A821292
Pet Description: Budgerigar, blue/yellow/white, bright blue above beak, male, 1 years old, purple band on leg
Town/Area Lost: Beach Park (heading south)
Date Last Seen: March 12, 2021
A821292 Bu

Chicken Nugget

Lost Pet's ID Number: A826848
Pet Description: Cockatiel, white and yellow with orange cheeks, female
Area/Town Lost: Pleasant Prairie
Date Last Seen: April 26, 2021

A826848 Chicken Nugget

Lost Bird

Lost Pet's ID Number: A829701
Pet Description: Cockatiel, white and gray
Area/Town Lost: Mount Prospect
Date Last Seen: May 27, 2021