Legislative Program

The purpose of the county's legislative program is to pursue new laws and authorities, oppose laws that are believed to have a negative impact on county government and Lake County residents, and pursue funding from the State of Illinois and the federal government.

The Lake County Board's Legislative Committee and the County Administrator's Office establish the state and federal legislative program, which is approved by the county board annually.

The County Administrator's Office collects potential items for the legislative program from county departments and elected officials' offices. The Legislative Committee reviews the proposed legislative items with top appointed and elected county officials and the county's lobbyist.

Once approved by the full Lake County Board, staff and professional lobbyists work with legislators in pursuit of favorable state and federal legislation. The County has an agreement with a state lobbying agency to help navigate the legislative process.

State Lobbying Contracts


Federal Lobbying Contracts


Lobbying Associations

The County is a member of the following lobbying associations:

  • Lake County Municipal League
  • National Association of Counties
  • Lake County Transportation Alliance