1. Certified Wetland Specialist

    Certified Wetland Specialist

    A Certified Wetland Specialist is a wetland professional that meets minimum levels of experience and training as listed in the WDO.

  2. Forms & Guidance Documents

    Forms & Guidance Documents

    View commonly used and requested wetland forms and guidance documents.

  3. Isolated Waters of Lake County

    Isolated Waters of Lake County

    The Lake County WDO includes provisions for the protection of isolated waters and wetlands that are not under the jurisdiction of the federal Clean Water Act administered by the Chicago District Army Corps.

  4. Jurisdictional Determinations

    Jurisdictional Determinations

    The Lake County WDO requires that wetland permit submittals include a written jurisdictional determination to ascertain if the delineated wetlands/waters are WOUS or IWLC.

  5. Letter of No Wetland Impact

    Letter of No Wetland Impact

    Many proposed development sites in Lake County, Illinois, contain WOUS and/or IWLC.

  6. Wetland Determinations

    Wetland Determinations

    The presence and extent of wetlands or other water bodies on non-agricultural lands is determined in accordance with the current Federal wetland delineation methodology.

  7. Wetland Permits & Approvals

    Wetland Permits & Approvals

    View information on permitting and approvals from the Stormwater Management Commission.

  8. Wetland Restoration Fund

    Wetland Restoration Fund

    SMC created the WRF as an alternative for wetland mitigation in watersheds that do not have wetland mitigation bank credits.

  9. Wetland Restoration & Preservation Plan

    Wetland Restoration & Preservation Plan

    The Lake County WRAPP will identify and assess the functional significance of existing, historic, and potentially restorable wetlands in Lake County, Illinois.