Staff at the Animal Care and Control facility provide the following services:
  • Enforce animal control laws, including Lake County Ordinances and Policies, and Illinois Statutes
  • Maintain lost and found pet service
  • Provide interim shelter and care for stray and unwanted animals and transport to adoption center
  • Investigate complaints of nuisance and/or threatening animals
  • Provide emergency rescue of injured and sick stray animals
  • Investigate incidents of animal bites and/or scratches
  • Observe impounded biting animals
  • Submit specimens to the State of Illinois laboratory for rabies testing
  • Present educational programs to schools and community and civic groups
  • Provide animal control support services to Sheriff and municipal police departments upon request
  • Provide spay/neuter assistance to pet owners.   
  • Provide rabies tags through Lake County veterinarians.
  • Host pet clinics to provide low-cost pet vaccinations.
  • Review this brochure for more details.