Orphans of the Storm
In 1969 the Lake County Board developed an agreement with Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter to make stray and unwanted dogs and cats that are apprehended by Animal Control available for adoption. Lake County Animal Care & Control delivers approximately 2,200 animals to Orphans of the Storm annually, making it the main source for stray and unwanted animals in Lake County.
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The Health Department works in partnership with Save-A-Pet to help assure that lost, homeless and unwanted animals are given another chance to find a home through the adoption process.
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Animal Education & Rescue (AEAR)

AEAR is a unique Humane Society. In addition to finding homes for rescue pets, they focus their efforts towards helping the community through education programs.


Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation

Founded in 2003, Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation is a state and federally licensed, private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated to the care of injured and orphaned wildlife and to educating the public about wildlife and wildlife-related issues. Flint Creek Wildlife treats all species of wild birds, reptiles and amphibians and treats all wild mammals excluding skunks, bats and raccoons.

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Spay & Stay
Spay and Stay is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with compassionate individuals and local governments to control the growth of the feral cat population in Lake County, while implementing long-term solutions to its source: unaltered, free-roaming and/or abandoned domestic cats.
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