Request for Variance

The LCHD understands that sometimes due to the size of the property, the minimal distances to a source of contamination cannot be maintained. In those cases, the LCHD's water well ordinance does provide an option to alter those distances. This provision is called a variance. Once it has been determined that it is not possible to maintain the minimal distance, a decision must be made on the best possible location for the water well. After the water well contractor has determined what he believes is the best location for the well, a water well application and a written request for a variance, along with the required fees, must be submitted. The written request must include the reasons one is asking for a variance.

Site Visit & Review
A LCHD field sanitarian will review the request and conduct a site visit to confirm if the best location has been chosen for the water well. In many cases staff will meet the water well contractor on site. After the office review and site visit, the field sanitarian will make recommendations to the Environmental Health Program Coordinator. The Environmental Health Program Coordinator will review all the information and either approve or reject the application based upon how the proposed water well could affect the safety of the groundwater supply.

Note: If you or your water well contractor have a difficult time in determining the best suitable location for the water well, our field staff and administrative staff are available to assist you.