Community Certification

Certified Communities administer the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO) within their own community limits. The recertification process occurs every five years through the SMC. Click to view the Community Re-certification Packet

Certification Criteria

A Certified Community, per the WDO, must meet the specific criteria in order to be certified or recertified. Refer to Article 2 of the WDO for further requirements of a Certified Community. To assist in the certification or recertification process, see the following supporting documents. Click here to view the Community Re-certification Package. 

Supporting Documents

Enforcement Officers (EO)

An EO is a person designated by a Certified Community to review WDO permits and enforce the WDO within that community. An EO is recertified every three years during the community recertification process, and must meet minimum qualifications including passing the EO Exam. SMC maintains a list of EOs. For specific duties of the EO, see WDO Appendix E.

Certified Wetland Specialist (CWS)

A Certified Community can also be delegated permitting review and authority of the Isolated Waters of Lake County provisions of the WDO if it meets the minimum standards for a Certified Wetland Specialist (CWS). A CWS is recertified every three years. SMC maintains the list of CWS.