Permit Assistance

The Water Well Program issues permits for construction of all new private, semi-private and non-community water wells, and inspects each after its completion to assure it is constructed properly. We also assure that a satisfactory water sample result is obtained from each newly constructed well prior to issuing final approval. Over the past 10 years, there has been an average of 435 permits issued for new water wells each year. The Water Well Program also issues permits for the sealing of any abandoned wells, many of which are sealed when a replacement well is constructed for an existing home.

Proposed Projects
Some proposed projects, such as tear down/re-builds on sites with an existing water well very likely will require the involvement of several Lake County agencies during the review process. To streamline the submittal process, a Lake County Project Manager will be assigned to your project to guide you through the process. The Project Manager will serve as a single point of contact to answer any questions, coordinate the project approval process, resolve issues that affect the project flow, and keep project approval on established time lines.

Requesting Early Assistance
Prior to submitting your project, you may request an early assistance meeting by contacting a Project Manager at 847.377.2600. Early assistance meetings are provided at no charge and the meeting will be coordinated by a Project Manager to ensure all involved Lake County departments are present to address your proposed project. The meeting will identify project requirements and design issues before the project begins. The meeting may offer guidance on the best use of a complicated site. Minutes from the meeting will be provided for your use in design, layout and/or calculations that may be required for your proposal.

Inspections & Samples
Health Department staff routinely inspect and sample the county's  412 non-community wells which serve the public at facilities such as schools, restaurants and businesses. Of these 412 non-community wells, about 67 serve the same 25 or more people six months or more each year. These facilities are required to submit samples for chemical analysis as well.