Solid Waste

Through a delegation agreement with the Illinois EPA, the Lake County Health Department Solid Waste Program regulates the solid waste facilities that have a permit from the Illinois EPA Bureau of Land to operate in Lake County. The facilities include active landfills, compost sites, transfer stations, construction and demolition debris processing sites and household chemical waste collection and storage sites.
Trash Truck at Landfill
Other program responsibilities include monitoring closed landfills, monitoring the groundwater quality near solid waste facilities where residents rely on private wells for their potable water supply, investigating and responding to illegal dumping activities and investigating and responding to solid waste complaints.

Complying with Permit Conditions

The operating solid waste facilities are required to comply with their respective permit conditions and the applicable State of Illinois regulations that exist to protect public health and the environment. The Illinois EPA receives a written report following each inspection that includes the current compliance status for the respective facility. Enforcement is pursued when necessary through the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office and/or the Attorney General’s Office.

Reporting Issues

Lake County and the municipalities within the county rely on the permitted facilities to manage the garbage, refuse, landscape wastes, construction and demolition debris and household chemicals generated by their residential and business communities. As much as possible, the facilities need to operate without causing off-site impacts due to odor, dust, litter and noise. If problems occur, odors can be reported using a dedicated phone line by calling 847-377-8096 or email [email protected]. General information and complaints about dust, litter, noise and other solid waste related issues can be reported by calling 847-377-8020.

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