Law and Judicial Committee

The Law and Judicial Committee is responsible for matters pertaining to setting many court fees and oversight of the Emergency Telephone System Board (911).

Meeting Schedule & Agendas

Meeting schedules can change, so please check the calendar/agendas or call 847-377-2300 to confirm meeting times and locations.

Agency of:

  • Circuit Court Clerk (elected)
  • Coroner (elected)
  • Sheriff (elected), (including the jail)
  • State’s Attorney (elected)
  • Public Defender
  • 19th Judicial Circuit Agencies, (including Circuit Courts, Court Administrator, Jury Commission and Probation, Hulse Detention Center, and Law Library)
  • Merit Commission

Responsible for Matters Pertaining to:

  • Budgetary Matters of Probation Services Fee
  • Court Automation Fee
  • Court Document Storage Fee
  • Oversight of the Emergency Telephone System Board (9-1-1)
  • Inmate Welfare Fund
  • Sheriff’s Asset Forfeiture Funds