Nuisance Control

The following items are investigated as nuisances in accordance with the Lake County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 94:
  • Accumulation of junk and/or debris.
  • Accumulation or burning of rubbish, garbage or refuse.
  • Accumulation of pet/animal feces or manure.
  • All infestations of vermin that may become involved in the transmission of communicable diseases.
  • Renting or leasing quarters for human habitation that are declared unfit for human habitation by the Health Officer.
  • Maintaining a private water well or individual sewage disposal system in a condition that is detrimental or potentially detrimental to the health and/or safety of, but does not present an imminent health threat to the inhabitants of Lake County.
  • Disruption of natural drainage ways and/or allowing the condition of standing water where the standing water may facilitate or encourage the breeding of mosquitoes.
Other nuisance issues that are investigated are indoor and outdoor air quality, mold, public sewer and drinking water issues, asbestos and radon.