Swim Cast Data - End of Season 

The Health Department's Lakes Management Unit works to monitor swimming beaches along Lake Michigan in Lake County. Two of these beaches are monitored through the utilization of SwimCast systems, which provide staff members and beach operators with real-time conditions, allowing for the most accurate and timely decisions regarding the health of Lake County beaches. Click here to access information regarding beach closures.

Elements Measured

SwimCast measures air and water temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation, relative humidity, wave height, lake stage, insolation (light energy) and other water quality parameters to help predict when E coli levels are low enough to indicate safe swimming conditions or high enough to call for a swim ban.

View data collected by the SwimCast stations. Data reported is the hourly mean unless otherwise noted. Wind Direction is measured in degrees where:
  • 0=North
  • 90=East
  • 180=South
  • 270=West


Wave height is measured in near shore beach water and may not be reflective of offshore conditions. Therefore the information collected at these stations should not be used for navigation or boating conditions.

Additional SwimCast Details

For more information on SwimCast and beach monitoring, please call the Lakes Management Unit at 847-377-8020.

The SwimCast system operates from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day.