Funding Sources

Watershed Management Boards (WMB)

The WMB cost-share grant program is available to the public to help fund drainage improvement and flood reduction projects. Projects submitted are assessed and prioritized based on nine benefit criteria (inter-jurisdictional , flood hazard reduction, structural damage, water quality, natural resources, nuisance flood reduction, multiple use, outside funding utilization, and phosphorous public education component).

The FY2024 WMB Request for Project Proposals can be found here:

Funding and Technical Assistance for Watershed Projects and Programs

 This list of potential funding sources is compiled from a variety of sources. Funding and program availability are contingent upon federal, state, and local budgets and appropriations for the budget year in which funding is being sought, so changes may have occurred that are not reflected in the list. Contact the program representative or funding agency for updates or changes to program details. Watershed-specific funding sources are identified where appropriate.