Baseline Water Quality Sampling

The LMU collects baseline water quality information from 12-15 different lakes in the county each year. These lakes must be at least 6 acres in size. Water quality information is obtained through the collection of water samples once per month from May through September, usually at the deepest areas of the lakes.

This water is analyzed for nutrients, solids, temperature, dissolved oxygen and various other parameters. A plant survey to analyze the aquatic plant community for different species and their relative occurrence is also conducted once per month from May through September. Additionally, once per summer the shoreline of each lake is characterized for shoreline type, severity of erosion and shoreline plant species (including invasives).

Summary Reports
Summary reports are written and presented to the management entity of the lake and other concerned citizens during the following spring. These reports include the analysis of data collected, a list of threats occurring in or around the lake, and recommendations on how to reduce or eliminate these problems. Lake summary reports can be found under Detailed Lake Reports.