Mill Creek

Mill Creek drains a 30.9-square-mile subwatershed of the Des Plaines River Watershed in north central Lake County. Mill Creek flows north to its confluence with North Mill Creek.  It then flows east to the Des Plaines River in Wadsworth.  The channelized stream south of Third Lake is known as the Avon-Fremont Drainage Ditch.  Several large lakes are in the Mill Creek subwatershed, including Sand, Miltmore, Fourth, Gages, Druce, Third, and Grays.

Navigable Action Plan Map

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can download this file (Mill Creek BMP (KMZ) (Right Click and Save As or Save Target As). After downloading, double click on the file and fly right to the Mill Creek watershed. From there, you can click on any of the icons, and a text box will pop up telling you some information about the proposed site specific action item at that location.

The BMP Code corresponds with the same number in Chapter 6, the Action Plan of the watershed plan. The text box also has information about the action recommended, the priority, the timeframe, and sometimes the size. 

Next up, we have a web-based map. The web-based map only works with Firefox, Google Chrome, or internet Explorer version 10. Other than that, it works very similar to the Google Earth version.
Mill Creek Watershed