Lakes Management Unit

About Us
Many communities within Lake County are built around lakes and the composition of these communities depends on the quality of the water and the lakeshore. However, increased lakeshore development, inadequate sewage disposal, polluted storm water runoff and other improper land use practices degrade water quality. Some lakes have become choked with plants while others have become green and murky.
Painted Turtles
As water quality continues to deteriorate, recreational activities such as fishing, boating and swimming are impaired, the local economy suffers, and the general health of Lake County residents is threatened.

Quality of Our Lakes

Protecting the quality of our lakes is an increasing concern of Lake County residents. Each lake is a valuable resource that must be properly managed if it is to be enjoyed by future generations. To assist with this endeavor, the Health Department has a Lakes Management Unit (LMU) to that provides technical expertise essential to the management and protection of Lake County surface waters.
The Lakes Management Unit monitors the quality of the county's surface water in order to:
  • Maintain or improve water quality and alleviate nuisance conditions
  • Promote healthy and safe lake conditions
  • Protect and improve ecological diversity

Who Can Receive Services

Services provided are either of a technical or educational nature and are provided by a professional staff of scientists to government agencies (county, township and municipal), lake property owners’ associations and private individuals on all bodies of water within Lake County.

Additional Information

Each year, more than 40 volunteers with the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) help the Health Department monitor the county's numerous lakes. A primary goal of the VLMP is to familiarize volunteers with lake processes and the cause and effect relationships that exist between their lake, its watershed, weather and human activities.
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