What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the area of land drained by a river, stream, or other body of water. If rain or snowmelt is not intercepted by vegetation or does not infiltrate into the soil, it may flow over the
land to a low spot in the landscape, often a body of water or wetland. The land area above a given point on a waterbody (river, stream, lake, wetland) that contributes overland flow or surface runoff to that point is considered the watershed.


Lake County Watersheds:

Fox River Watershed


  • Upper Fox River
  • Sequoit Creek
  • Fish Lake Drain
  • Manitou Creek
  • Lower Fox River
  • Mutton Creek
  • Slocum Lake Drain
  • Tower Lake Drain
  • Flint Creek

Lake Michigan Watershed


North Branch Chicago River Watershed

  • Skokie River
  • Middle Fork Chicago River
  • West Fork Chicago River