Checklists & Design Guidance

Permit Submittals

The permit submittal checklists and guidance documents help the applicant determine what information to submit to SMC to assist with a complete Watershed Development permit submittal.

Note: This is a simplified list of items that are typically looked at during the permit review process. Many other factors are considered during the review and not every item applies to every permit application but it gives a good idea of what is covered.

Permit Submittal Checklists

Standard Provision Guidance

For specific WDO requirements and for use in construction plan development.

Surveying Benchmarks Data Source

SMC does not recommend using FEMA benchmarks for surveying. Please see Maps Online to use the U.S Geological Survey (USGS), Lake County Division of Transportation and other permanent benchmarks traceable to a USGS standard. In addition, the use of site-specific topographic information tied to a USGS benchmark must be used for all developments including single family homes. The more general countywide topography available on the County's website is not accurate enough for development design.

Best Management Practices Guidance

For Stormwater Best Practices for Homeowners, Businesses, and Stream and Lake Properties please click here.

Guidance Documents

NPDES II Notice of Intent Form & Instructions
SMC requires a copy of the NOI application.