Certified Communities

About Certified Communities

Certified Communities have been delegated authority by SMC under the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO) to administer all, or portions of, the WDO within their community limits. Certified Communities (PDF) apply for re-certification every three years. See Enforcement Officers (PDF) for community contact information. Communities may have regulations that are more stringent than the WDO.

All Lake County communities have one of the following WDO permitting authority designations:

  • Fully Certified - Both Standard and Isolated Waters of Lake County (IWLC) Certified
  • Only Standard Certification
  • Only IWLC Certified
  • Non-Certified

If your project is in an unincorporated area, contact Lake County Planning, Building and Development (PB&D), 847-377-2081. SMC is the permitting authority for Non-Certified communities (May 8, 2015) (PDF). SMC also administers wetland provisions of the WDO and issues wetland approvals within communities that only have Standard Certification.