Standing & Advisory Committees

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

TAC assists in the development, revision and review of the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO) standards and administrative procedures and makes recommendations to the Commission Board. The 12-member committee is made up of representatives from the development, environmental, municipal and consulting engineering fields.

2023 TAC Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Next meeting: 
TAC November 16, 2023
Nov. 16 2023 Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Previous Meeting Packets:  
TAC Packet 4-20-2023 (PDF)
TAC Packet 3-16-2023 (PDF)   Minutes
TAC Packet 2-16-2023 (PDF)   Minutes
TAC Packet 12-15-2022 (PDF) GP #2-T (PDF)
TAC Packet 10-20-2022 (PDF)
TAC Packet 7-21-2022 (PDF)
TAC Packet 3-17-2022 (PDF)
TAC Packet 1-20-2022 (PDF)

Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC)

MAC is a forum for local government representatives to discuss inter-jurisdictional issues and projects, NPDES Phase II and recommendations to the Technical Advisory Committee on WDO administration, and to serve as a resource. MAC meets two times per year and encourages attendance at associated watershed workgroup general membership meetings. 

2023 MAC Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Next meeting: 
MAC November 15, 2023
Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Previous Meeting Agendas:
4/12/2023  Meeting Agenda (PDF)
11/16/2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF)
04/06/2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF)