Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

If you would like to submit a FOIA request, please carefully read the information below. Illinois law requires public bodies to respond to or deny FOIA requests within five working days. The time for response can be extended for an additional five working days, as allowed under the law.

Methods to Request Information and Public Records

Please complete the FOIA Request Form (PDF) and mail, fax, email, or hand-deliver directly to SMC. The Requestor is not required to fill out the form as long their request is in writing, and can be submitted via e-mail.
Please be specific in the nature of your request in order for a FOIA officer to process your request more efficiently. (Illinois law does not require you to submit on a standard form, but the request should be specific and if possible, in writing).

FOIA Officer Contact Information

Darcy McNeill, 847-377-7700
Fax number: 847-984-5747

Copy Fees

  • First 50 pages are free (black and white)
  •  15 cents per page thereafter (black and white)
  • Color copies are charged at the actual cost to SMC 
  • Electronic records that are supported by and kept on file by the SMC can be transferred electronically for free