Form Description
Agricultural Wetlands
Agricultural Wetland Determinations (FSA527.4) (PDF) National Food Security Act Manual (NFSAM) methodology for determining the presence of wetlands on agricultural land.
Corps Revised Guidance for Agricultural Land Wetland Determinations (June 19, 2006) (PDF) Clarification of guidelines for agricultural land wetland determinations on development sites in the Chicago Corps District.
McHenry-Lake SWCD FSA Slide Request Form for Agricultural Land Wetland Determinations (PDF) A blank PDF of the form for requesting Farm Service Agency (FSA) farmed wetland compliance slides.
NRCS Wetland Mapping Conventions (PDF) Narrative of accepted practices and procedures to assist wetland delineators with conducting off-site and on-site determinations on agricultural land. See also the guidance on Agricultural Wetland Determinations.
Updated SMC Guidance for Agricultural Wetland Determinations (March 20, 2012) (PDF) A memo providing updated guidance from SMC for conducting agricultural land wetland determinations. This memo supersedes all previous guidance memoranda issued by SMC for agricultural land wetland determinations in Lake County, Illinois.
Certified Wetland Specialists
CWS Application Form (2013) (PDF) An application form for persons wishing to submit qualifications to SMC to become a Lake County, Illinois, Certified Wetland Specialist.
CWS Delineation Training Course Requirements and Providers (2009) (PDF) A summary of the minimum requirements for SMC-approved wetland delineation training courses to qualify for the CWS program.
Covenant Wetland and Wetland Buffer Restrictive Covenant by Plat (PDF) Template language for establishing a restrictive covenant by plat of survey over wetland or wetland buffer areas outlining limitations, restrictions and uses.
General Permit 2 (PDF) An application form to request authorization from Lake County SMC for minor wetland impacts (i.e., ≤0.1 acre of non-HQAR wetland impact or ≤1,000 s.f. of impact to HQAR wetland) to Isolated Waters of Lake County (IWLC). To be completed and delivered to SMC at least 30 days prior to development activity. See also the General Permit 2 Memo (August 2010).
General Permit 2 Memo (August 11, 2010) (PDF) A memo with highlights of General Permit 2, which covers development activities in areas under SMC’s authority that will result in minor wetland impacts to Isolated Waters of Lake County.
IWLC Exclusion Worksheet (2015) (PDF) A worksheet to help determine and document whether an Isolated Waters of Lake County (IWLC) is eligible for exclusion from WDO regulations.
IWLC Exclusion Fillable Worksheet (2015) (PDF)
 A fillable worksheet to help determine and document whether an Isolated Waters of Lake County (IWLC) is eligible for exclusion from WDO regulations.
IWLC Submittal Checklist (PDF) A form to assist both the permit applicant and the Lake County SMC reviewer with determining the items needed for a Wetland Submittal.
National Plant List for Midwest Region (2016) (PDF) National Wetland Plant List ratings for Midwest species.
Petition for IWLC Certification (2015) (PDF) A signatory form for communities wishing to petition Lake County SMC for the authority to review and issue permits involving isolated wetlands. The form also outlines the provisions and responsibilities associated with Isolated Wetland Certification.
Preliminary Wetland Jurisdictional Determination and Boundary Verification Form (2021) (PDF) A fillable PDF form for requesting a preliminary wetland jurisdictional determination (PJD) and/or a wetland boundary verification (BV) from Lake County SMC. Alternately, you may use the fillable Word form.
Wetland Restoration Fund Fee Schedule (2016) (PDF) Fee schedule for in-lieu wetland mitigation within each of the four major watersheds in Lake County, Illinois, for use when wetland mitigation bank credits are not available for purchase.
U.S Army Corps of Engineers
Corps of Engineers - Chicago District Map of Available Mitigation Banks (March 2014) (PDF) A map of wetland mitigation banks with credits available for purchase located in the Chicago District Corps of Engineers boundaries within Illinois.