Help for Lake County Homeowners (PDF) - Many homeowners are facing difficult financial challenges - trying to make timely mortgage or rent payments and controlling credit card debt, all with less income. While no specific programs exist to help with property taxes, there are several other types of assistance programs home owners can explore that might help to free up financial resources so taxes can be paid on time, ultimately avoiding foreclosure. United Way of Lake County has put together a flyer with detailed information. It includes directions for calling your lender, steps to make your home more affordable, ways to seek legal assistance and ways to explore social services.

Lake County Real Estate Transfer Tax Ordinance (PDF) - This is a copy of the Lake County ordinance pertaining to the collection of the real estate transfer tax. The Lake County Clerk's Office collects this tax on behalf of Lake County.

Municipal Lien Recording Information (PDF) - This publication provides information regarding the recording requirements for municipal liens.

Notice Concerning Corporation Recording Requirements (PDF) - Public Act 96-1121 became effective on January 1, 2011. The act amends the Business Corporation Act of 1983 by removing the requirement to record various corporate documents in the Lake County Clerk's Office.

Pamphlet - Recording Deeds (PDF) - Information to assist in recording documents in Lake County, Illinois.

Pamphlet - Releasing a Lien (PDF) - Information on how to release a lien recorded in Lake County, Illinois.

Pamphlet - Searching Records (PDF) - Information on how to use the Online Access search application to find documents.

Pamphlet - Understanding Real Estate Transfer Taxes (PDF) - Information regarding the collection of Real Estate Transfer Taxes in Lake County, Illinois.

Plat Recording Guidelines (PDF) - Guidelines and reference information for plat recordings.

Public Act 97-0555 Memo (PDF) - This memo informs everyone of the enactment of Public Act 097-0555 (HB 1153) which goes into effect January 1, 2012. This legislation allows a property owner to, in essence, transfer property to a beneficiary by way of a new instrument called a “Transfer on Death Instrument”.

Residential Mortgage Mediation Program (PDF) - This document contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to the 19th Judicial Circuit Court of Lake County's Residential Mortgage Mediation Program intended to provide free housing counseling and mediation services to Lake County homeowners facing foreclosure.

Senior Services Brochure (PDF)
- This brochure provided by the Lake County Clerk's Office provides important definitions on property ownership, senior tax programs and reference information.

State ID - Veterans Designation Program (PDF) - This brochure provides information about the Illinois Secretary of State's Veterans Designation Program.

Tips for Veterans to File Disability Claims (PDF) - Lake County military veterans need to file a disability claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to receive benefits for disabilities, diseases, or injuries which were incurred during or following military service. This publication provides the top ten reasons a veteran should file a VA compensation claim.

Veterans Brochure (PDF) - This brochure highlights services for Lake County military veterans and their families.