Food Safety

New Illinois Food Code (based on 2017 FDA Model Food Code) 

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January 1, 2019 Implementation

The Health Department's Food Protection Program is responsible for permitting, regulating and inspecting over 3,000 food service facilities operating in Lake County. The ultimate goal of the program is to reduce the occurrence of food-borne illness and to promote safe food practices within the county. This goal is realized by surveying food operation procedures and by educating food handlers and the public on food safety. 
Food facilities in Lake County are categorized as high risk, medium risk or low risk for based on the potential of food-borne illness. This ranking is based on criteria such as types of foods served, food preparation procedures and populations served. The higher the ranking the food facility is, the more frequent and extensive the food inspection. 

Reports & Enforcement Histories

Inspection reports and enforcement histories for food service facilities are available online. If you need assistance, please contact the Food Program.

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