Flooding & Flood Protection

Form Description
Building Protection Requirements (PDF) Memo clarifying the process for review/approval of residential structures where fill will remove a site from a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), Lake County Floodplain Area, or the Flood Table Land. Applies only to new and substantially improved residential structures.
Depressional Compensatory Storage Memo (PDF) A memo providing additional guidance on addressing the compensatory storage provisions of the WDO.
Detention and Compensatory Storage Approval Form (PDF) Form to document Certified Community approval of on-site parameters prior to SMC’s initial review of the Proposed Conditions BFE analysis.
Drain Tile Base Flood Elevation Memo (PDF) A memo summarizing SMC policy on existing drain tiles located through a depressional/wetland area within the limits of a proposed development.
Existing Depressional BFE Determination Memo (PDF) A memo providing additional guidance on determining existing depressional Base Flood Elevation (BFE) determinations.
Stormwater Infrastructure Repair Fund (SIRF) Policies and Procedures
The SIRF's primary purpose is to help with resolving interjurisdictional drainage and flooding related problems. This document gives an overview of the processes and procedures for distributing the funds.
Who To Call if... (April 2016) (PDF) Agencies and local governments who respond to local flooding and drainage issues.