Grandwood Park

Water Rate Increase

As a result of switching to a new water source, your water rate increased beginning August 1, 2017. Depending on how much water you use, the increase in your bill can vary. From what we see in areas already served by Lake Michigan water, an average customer using 5,500 gallons of water per month will see an increase of approximately $20.00 per 2-month bill. The 2017 tiered water rates for Lake Michigan Water service areas and well water service areas are listed below.

Tiered Block Water Rates (Rates per 1,000 gallons effective December 1, 2016)
Well Water
Lake Michigan Water
(1) Residential Minimum
(0-4,000 gallons per 2 month bill)
(2) Residential Block 1
(5,000-12,000 gallons per 2 month bill)
(3) Residential Block 2
(13,000 gallons or greater per 2 month bill)
(4) Non-Residential; Residential
with multiple dwelling units per meter & irrigation meters

Grandwood Park Water System

The Grandwood Park Water System includes the subdivisions of Brookside, Bridlewood, Grandwood Park, Deerpath, Mill Creek Crossing, Shires of Cambridge, Cedar Ridge, Hutchins Woods, Hutchins Oaks Townhomes and Stratton Oaks.

Grandwood Park faces an uncertain future with regard to its water supply. Our local water supply comes from underground aquifers. The demands for water during peak periods are greater than these aquifers can supply. We are currently pumping our shallow aquifers at capacity and are over-pumping our deep aquifer, which is creating low water levels and poor water quality. A decision on long-term sustainable water supply is necessary.

Aquifers and Water Supply

The shallow aquifers have limited recharge capacity, and produce hard water from the minerals that have prompted many users to treat the water with home water softening systems. There are also risks for groundwater contamination from surface sources.

The County previously drilled two deep sandstone wells to supplement the supply. However, these wells are contaminated with naturally occurring radium. The deep well water can only be used when blended with shallow well water or treated to remove the radium, increasing waste disposal costs.

Continued depletion of this groundwater supply is causing serious short and long-term water supply concerns. Water levels in the deep aquifer have been dropping approximately five feet per year. As a result, the County will need to spend millions of dollars on the construction of new deep well and treatment facilities, or find another permanent water source. Even if we construct new wells, their useful life expectancy is limited due to the continued depletion of the underground aquifer by other users.

Reasons to Secure a Lake Michigan Water Supply Source

  • Reliable water source
  • Ability to connect to the existing CLCJAWA water system
  • Total Capital Cost: $8.3 Million
  • Additional Cost per home: $38 per Month based on 200,000 square foot home using 6,000 gallons per month

Cost to Secure a Lake Michigan Water Supply Source

The most cost-effective and efficient transmission of Lake Michigan water is joining the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA). Connecting to CLCJAWA allows us to branch off their existing piping network rather than constructing a new pipeline and intake at Lake Michigan.

A typical homeowner with a $200,000 home and water usage of 6,000 gallons per month would see a monthly increase of $37.56 in cost, or roughly $1.25 per day.

The projected cost to do nothing right now and react to future water supply problems in crisis mode would be higher. The cost of drilling an additional deep well, and then treating the poor water quality, would only temporarily solve our supply concerns and cost more than making the investment now to guarantee a safe and reliable water supply from Lake Michigan.

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Property Tax Component

Tax Type
County SSA
CLCJAWA Total Rate
Construction Cost - Grandwood Park Portion
$8.3 Million
Tax Expires 2018
$150,000 Property
$13.33 per month
$1.50 per month
$200,000 Property
$18.42 per month
$2.58 per month
$21 per month
$300,000 Property
$25.58 per month
$4.08 $29.66 per month

Water Rate Component

Water Rate
Tax Rate
Projected Additional Water Rate
$2.76 per 1,000 gallons
3,000 gallons per month usage
$8.28 per month
6,000 gallons per month usage
$16.56 per month
9,000 gallons per month usage
$24.84 per month