Septic System Maintenance

Proper use and maintenance of your septic system is necessary to prevent it from malfunctioning and leaking pollutants into local waterways. Some recommended proactive measures include:

  • Pumping or inspecting the system once every three years
  • Diverting surface water away from the drain field
  • Avoiding driving or parking on the drain field to prevent soil compaction
  • Keeping the roots of trees and shrubs away from the drain field pipes to avoid obstructed drain lines
  • Consider aerobic digesters when it is time to replace the system
7 Common Indicators of a Failing or Malfunctioning Septic System
  • Sewage backing up in the basement or drains
  • Ponded water or wet areas over the drain field
  • Bright green grass over the drain field
  • A dense stand of aquatic plants along your shoreline (lakeside residents)
  • Sewage odors Bacteria or nitrate in nearby well water
  • Biodegradable dye flushed through your system is detectable in the lake (lakeside residents)
Septic Tank Diagram
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