Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

About Us

This program provides follow-up and referrals for children ages 6 or younger with higher than normal levels of lead in their blood.  The program is notified of all children in Lake County with elevated blood lead levels. Staff members follow state and program guidelines to conduct lead investigations for children with elevated lead levels.

​Who Can Receive Services

  • Lake County residents Children eligible for Medicaid and All Kids insurance are required to have a blood lead test beginning at 6 months of age, even if they live in low-risk ZIP code areas.
  • Physicians are to perform annual testing for children 6 months to 6 years old determined to be at high risk for lead exposure by using the Illinois Department of Public Health Lead Risk Assessment Questionnaire. If the responses to all questions are "no," re-evaluation should be done at the next well child visit. If any response is "yes," or "don't know," a blood lead test should be obtained. Child care facilities including daycare centers, daycare homes, preschools and kindergarten must require the child’s parent or guardian to provide a statement from a physician or health care provider as proof that a blood lead assessment or blood lead test has occurred prior to admission.