Dog Waste Management

Dog waste is a major pollutant and contaminant of the water supply (serious health issue). Proper clean up of pets limits the amount of pathogens that can be washed into waterways. Appropriate disposal includes bringing a bag, pick up the waste and then disposing it in the trash.


  • Results in less organic debris and bacteria in waterways, which can lead to high nutrient levels and low dissolved oxygen levels in streams and lakes. 
  • Preventing serious health issues to humans and other animals

Additional Tips

  • Adopt the "Long Grass Principle." Dogs are attracted to long grass for defecating and areas that are mowed less frequently can be provided for feces to disintegrate naturally.
  • Encourage your municipality to enact an ordinance to regulate pet waste.
  • Encourage your municipality to provide biodegradable pet waste bags in parks and along trails used by pets and their owners.
Pick Up Your Dog Waste Sign