Native Plants & Trees in Business/Campus Landscaping

Native Vegetation 

Utilizing native plants and trees in your business or campus landscaping allows for short and long term positive effects on stormwater runoff quantity and quality. Restoring your business and/or campus with native vegetation is one of the best things to do for the environment while also saving time and money.

Incorporating Native Plants/Trees

  • Into your existing landscape locations
  • Install a Bioswale on your campus
  • Install a Rain Garden on your campus
  • Install a Green Roof 

 Native seeds and seedlings can be found at local nurseries and are easy to plant. 

  • More versatile for Illinois weather conditions - native plants are climate appropriate plants
  • Much deeper root systems than typical lawn species thereby offering greater soil stability, higher evapotranspiration, and better infiltration of stormwater
  • Attract several wildlife species (including pollinators)
  • Less maintenance than large lawn areas - once established, native plants don’t require fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or watering.
  • Diversity of species in your landscape reduces susceptibility to disease and pest outbreaks.  
  • Greater infiltration results in better pollutant filtering and more water replenishing the aquifer.
N Park Lincolnshire native landscaping
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