Green Roofs

A green roof is a vegetated roof system designed to retain and slow rainwater runoff on the tops of roofs. Green roofs are generally planted with drought and wind tolerant plants to minimize the amount of maintenance needed. They can also be used for passive cooling or insulating of a building, drastically reducing the amount of energy needed.

When considering whether to invest in a green roof it is important to contact a knowledgeable professional who can properly retrofit or develop a green roof for your specific project. See below for green roof professionals in your area. They are particularly cost-effective in dense urban areas where land values are high and on large industrial or office buildings where stormwater management costs are likely to be high.


  • Absorbs, stores rainfall and filters it
  • Lessens the need for detention
  • Helps cool the area and the building
  • Can provide opportunities for outdoor living or recreational space as a rooftop garden
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Green Roof