Rainwater Harvesting & Cisterns


Cisterns are large rainwater storage tanks. They are made out of any impervious, water-retaining material and are only distinguishable from rain barrels because they are larger and have a different shape. 
Located either above or below ground a cistern consists of a solid secure cover, a leaf / mosquito screen at the entrance, a coarse inlet filter with clean-out valve, overflow pipe, and a man hole, sump and drain to facilitate cleaning. 

The benefits of a cistern are exactly the same as those of rain barrels, just at a larger scale due to greater roof area and larger volume of rainwater stored.
Rain Barrel Cistern
  • Encourages water conservation.
  • Re-uses rain water saving water usage & money.
  • Reduces runoff.
  • Captures runoff before it has a chance to pick up pollutants that end up in nearby waterways.
  • Easy to install
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