Court Security Unit

Court Security Diagram
The responsibilities of the Court Security Officers assigned to the Court Security Unit include protecting judges, safe-guarding juries, maintaining decorum in the courtrooms and executing all lawful orders and instructions of the court. In conjunction with Court Security, a private security firm provides entrance security screening.

Courtroom Deputies

The Court Security Unit formerly consisted of only full-time deputies. Today, 23 full-time Court Security Officers and 34 part-time Court Security Officers are members of the Court Security Unit, allowing the Office to re-allocate full-time deputies to patrol. The savings for a part-time employee, (including salary and elimination of benefits) is roughly $23,000 per deputy per year.

Response Team

A specially-trained Court Emergency Response Team (CERT), comprised of Sheriff's Deputies, is available for emergency responses including protection of high-profile defendants, building evacuations, medical emergencies, dignitary protection, and arrests.

Further Information

Please see the 19th Judicial Court site for directions to any of the court locations and call 847-377-4911 to contact Court Security for any further questions or concerns.