Public Nuisance

In an emergency, dial 911.

For a non-emergency, dial 847-549-5200.

In 2010, the State of Illinois passed legislation authorizing the 6 Chicago collar counties, including Lake County, to establish an Administrative Adjudication (AA) system to adjudicate violations of county ordinances.

Administrative Adjudication Partnership

Administrative Adjudication is an intra-county partnership between the Sheriff’s Office, Planning Building and Development, and the Health Department. The process streamlines ordinance enforcement throughout the county and expedites the adjudication process, thereby enhancing the quality of life for Lake County residents.
Violations of the Lake County Nuisance Ordinance
Violations can only be issued in unincorporated areas of Lake County. Please see the complete list of Lake County Public Nuisance Ordinances (PDF).

The following information is required to follow up on your complaint:
  • Address, specific location or Property Index Number (PIN), if available, of the property where the violation exists
  • Nature of specific violation
  • Time/day of week that the violation usually occurs
Administrative Adjudication Hearings
Administrative Adjudication hearings are civil proceedings between Lake County and the respondent of the citation. The burden of proof is beyond a preponderance of the evidence. According to Chapter 55 ILCS 5/5-43030, formal and technical rules of evidence do not apply, thereby granting admission of photographs and police reports, and eliminating the attendance of the Deputy issuing the citation.

If you have questions regarding Administrative Adjudication, please contact the Sheriff's Office via email or call 847-377-4000.