Early Intervention Transition

Early intervention transition is preparation for the movement of a child within and from the EI Services System (EI). It could be the movement of a child in and/or out of a hospital, a change in EI service provider, change in the location and/or method of EI service delivery, the relocation of a family from one geographic location to another, or it could be when a child is approaching the age of 3 at which time the child and family will be leaving the EI system.

Transition Planning Provides
  • Discussions and training regarding future services and other matters related to a child's transition.
  • Procedures to prepare a child for changes in service delivery, including steps to help a child adjust to and function in a new setting.
  • For a child who is 30 months of age: With a family's consent, transmission of information about their child, including evaluation and assessment information and a copy of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) to the local education agency (LEA) and, if applicable, its special education cooperative representative to ensure continuity of services.
  • By 33 months of age a transition meeting should take place. Transition meeting participants include family members, EI service coordinator and a representative of the family's local school district. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the similarities and differences between EI and school district services and for district personnel to explain to the family the district's educational options and its eligibility process.
To help a child and family prepare for leaving EI at age 3, CFC No. 2 offers the services of its Parent Liaison. Our Parent Liaison may be reached by calling 847-377-8925.