Child & Family Connections Early Intervention Cost

Cost for Participating in Early Intervention (EI)
All services provided by Child & Family Connections staff, and all evaluations and assessments are free. If the child is found eligible for early intervention services, and the family agrees to be part of the EI program, then the family will pay an annual family participation fee based on joint income. The fee ranges from zero to $2,400 per year based on family income. Families may provide a copy of the most recent federal income tax return, two consecutive pay stubs from each wage earner in the home, or a current Medicaid/AllKids card to establish what fees are paid. The Illinois Department of Human Services will break the annual fee into monthly payments and send monthly bills to the family. Families with a current public aid or WIC card will not have a family participation fee. The family service coordinator will review fee information with the family so family members are aware of the annual participation fee before developing the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Are Families Required to Use Their Private Insurance for Early Intervention Services?
Yes. Our program requires families to use their private insurance, especially if it is in the best interest of the family. Our service coordinators encourage families to learn about their insurance so they can make the best decisions. Once services begin, early intervention providers will, with family permission, bill the family health insurance for the cost of the service. Any EI services not covered by health insurance will be billed to the Illinois Early Intervention Program which uses family fee dollars and Early Intervention dollars. If a family’s private insurance pays for services, family fees will be less. Also, if a family uses insurance, it is not necessary for a family to pay insurance co-pays or deductibles for Early Intervention services.

Can Families Be Exempted from Paying Family Participation Fees?
Yes. You may request an exemption if your family is experiencing extraordinary medical or other catastrophic circumstances causing expenses in excess of 15% of your gross income. You may request a Family Participation Fee Exemption Request from your service coordinator.