The Community Services Team handles many of our outreach services and is dedicated to providing public safety education and information to Lake County residents. This is accomplished through public speaking engagements and dissemination of written safety materials to community schools, civic groups, homeowners associations and other interested parties. The commitment of the Lake County Sheriff's Office is to serve through education, communication, partnerships and enforcement while strengthening the public trust. Programs are focused on encouraging the public to adopt better self-protection measures, thereby reducing criminal victimization and improving the quality of life for Lake County residents.

Learn more about our Community Services Speakers Bureau (PDF) or contact a Community Services Team member at 847-377-4211 to learn more about any of these services.

Team Members:
Deputy Roman Buchberger
Deputy Maria Nava
  1. 911 Communications

    The 911 Communications Team developed materials for Lake County residents to share with family and friends.

  2. "A Way Out" Lake County

    By taking advantage of “A Way Out”, participants and their loved ones are given the opportunity for help and treatment to end the destructive cycle that substance abuse, dependency or addiction has caused in their lives. Participants are given the chance to avoid the biological, psychological and environmental harms and are set on a direct course to recovery. The only requirement of participants is their self-motivation to seek recovery. The program is set up so that participants will NOT be criminally charged. There is no need to fear arrest or prosecution for seeking participation in this program.

  3. Bicycle Safety

    The Bicycle Safety Program is designed to inform young children how to properly operate a bicycle.

  4. Career Days

    Community Services participates with local high schools during their Career Shadow Day Programs.

  5. Child & Teen Safety & Well-Being

    This program is designed to educate both children and parents of safety measures to protect children from victimization.

  6. Citizen Police Academy

    The Citizen Police Academy provides Lake County residents a hands-on learning experience of the many facets of the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

  7. Crime Stoppers

    Visit the Lake County Crime Stoppers website.

  8. Cyber Security Resources

    Access Federal Trade Commission resources to keep families connected and protected in cyber space.

  9. Door to Door Solicitation

    Door to Door Solicitation and Regulations for Unincorporated Lake County

  10. DUI Awareness Program

    The DUI (Drinking Under the Influence) Awareness Program provides presentations about driving under the influence to local high school and junior college students.

  11. Get Help - Resources for Addiction, Abuse and more

    This page lists resources for families faced with addiction, abuse, domestic violence, identity theft and a special page for teens.

  12. Home & Business Security

    The Home and Business Security Program provides presentations on the topic of home security for community residents and business owners.

  13. House Watch

    House watches provide a random check of your residence while you are away on vacation or for any other extended stay.

  14. Illinois Sheriff’s Association Scholarship Program

    The Illinois Sheriff’s Association annually issues over 100 scholarships throughout the state.

  15. Keeping Seniors Safe

    The Sheriff’s Office established the Senior Advocacy Program in 1995 to more adequately address the needs of elderly persons within our community.

  16. Lake County Sheriff's Explorer Post #2066

  17. Neighborhood Watch & Personal Safety

    The main goal of the Neighborhood Watch and Personal Safety program is to make homes less of a target for burglaries and other criminal activity through crime prevention education and enhanced communication between residents and the Sheriff’s Office.

  18. Prescription Drug Disposal Box Program

    The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is an active member of the Prescription Drug Disposal Box Program.

  19. Prescription Drug Take Back Day

    Prescription Drug Take Back Day Locations

  20. Red Ribbon Project

    Lake County has been participating in Red Ribbon Week for many years. Preventing drug use among our youth is a battle our entire community must fight each day with resources for drug prevention education, advocacy and a myriad of behavioral programming.

  21. R.U.O.K. / Personal Wellness Check

    “Are You Okay?” is a personal wellness check we make by telephone to the homebound - living alone residents, at a pre-determined time each day.

  22. Ruse Burglaries

    Ruse burglaries are crimes in which the offender uses a "ruse" to distract their victim in order to commit a burglary.

  23. Senior Advocate Program

    The Lake County Sheriff's Office Senior Advocate Progam is a public outreach program for local seniors to become volunteer advocates acting as a liaison between Lake County seniors and law enforcement. Volunteers are trained in various aspects of crime prevention, community relations and victim assistance. If you would like more information on our program, join us for coffee and donuts on the first Monday of each month at 9:30 a.m. Call the Community Services Team at 847-377-4211 or email to register today!

  24. Text-A-Tip

    Text-A-Tip A Service of LEAD A 24/7 anonymous text crisis hotline offering emotional support for middle school and high school youth. We offer the only text hotline in the country that is fully anonymous, and that is supported by teams of licensed mental health counselors. Text-A-Tip is a service offered by LEAD (Linking Efforts Against Drugs), located in the Chicago area.

  25. Tips for Safe Online Shopping

    Online shopping safety tips