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Healthcare Providers

Treating Tobacco Dependence

YOU can make a difference! Clinicians can make a difference with even brief interventions (3 minutes or less), and tobacco users who receive advice and/or assistance from their provider are more satisfied with their treatment than those who do not. As a healthcare provider you already have the communication skills you need to treat tobacco-dependent patients. Below are some tips and tools from Tobacco Free Lake County (TFLC) that can assist you in identifying and treating tobacco dependence..


Ask, Advise, Refer

  • Ask: systematically ask every tobacco user about their interest in quitting at every visit. The more frequently the topic of cessation is discussed, the more likely that tobacco user will move forward in the stages of change (PDF).
  • Advise: Strongly urge all tobacco users to consider quitting. Make the advice clear, strong and personalized. Ex: "Can I share with you what I know about the effect tobacco use has on your diabetes?" Recommend the use of approved pharmacotherapy (PDF).
  • Refer: Directly connect your patient to evidence-based resources for tobacco cessation. Use a fax referral for optimum connection. Local resources include:
    • Tobacco Free Lake County one-on-one cessation counseling (fax referral form)
      • Free one-on-one counseling
      • Low cost NRT patch, gum and lozenge
    • Illinois Tobacco Quitline (fax referral form)
      • Free telephone counseling in multiple languages
      • Callers may qualify for free NRT

Additional Resources

  • Adult and Teen Quit Kits (English and Spanish)
    • Contain essential information for interested quitters
    • Available through the TFLC office: email, 847-377-8090
  • Trainings and Workshops
    • Trainings on treating tobacco use and dependence can be provided in your clinical setting. Trainings range from brief (as an addition to a staff meeting), to longer trainings discussing motivational interviewing, cessation pharmacotherapy and more!
    • To schedule a training, contact TFLC via email or by phone at 847-377-8090.
  • Fact Sheets and Brochures
    • The TFLC program houses informational brochures and fact sheets that cater to both providers and patients. Information ranges from tobacco use and co-morbidities to how to help a friend/family member quit smoking.
    • For more information or to request materials, contact TFLC via email or by phone at 847-377-8090.


Activities/Lessons You Can Use to Teach About Tobacco

Educational materials may be loaned out at no charge. This includes pig lungs, a tar jar and cigarette display for classroom use. To receive these resources in between scheduled workshops, just call 847-377-8090 or send an email to request this information yourself.

Finding Fact Sheets & Handouts About Tobacco

You can contact our office at 847-377-8090 or email to request reproducible fact sheets and handouts on a variety of tobacco-related topics.

Helping Students Quit Smoking

Visit our Tobacco Free Lake County page for more information.