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What is REALITY Illinois?
Teens from all over Lake County earn community service hours by spreading tobacco-free messages in talking to other teens, planning events and activities, and promoting change on a local level. All events are free.

Click here to see a 90-second video about the Lake County Chapter of REALITY Illinois or check out the REALITY Illinois flyer.

What do REALITY Illinois teens do?
  • Write and record radio ads for WXLC radio (listen to them on our Events and Media page)
  • Spread awareness about tobacco and secondhand smoke.
  • Create presentation to encourage tobacco-free policies.
  • Make real changes in our communities!
  • And so much more!
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Quit Resources Just for Teens
Approximately 70% of teens who smoke want to quit, and yes, we have resources to support them. Visit our Quit Resources page for all the options.

Tobacco Information for School Papers or Project
Check out our Fact Sheets, send an email, or call 847-377-8090.

Our links page lists many other websites and tobacco information, including some with the most recent county, state, and national data on tobacco use.

If you can't find (or have trouble finding) what you want, just give us a call at 847-377-8090 or email.