Wanted Deadbeat Parents

Parents who fail to take financial responsibility for their children place a heavy burden on the custodial parent or guardian, government agencies and taxpayers.

The Sheriff is asking for your help in locating the individuals named on this list. The Sheriff wants these individuals because they violated the Court’s order to pay child support or because they failed to comply with an order or summons requiring them to appear in Court.
If you have information as to the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please leave a confidential tip at sheriff@lakecountyil.gov or call the Sheriff's Office 24-hour number at 847.549.5200. If you encounter these individuals, do not take action yourself. Law enforcement personnel should apprehend these individuals only.

Although every effort is made to keep this list accurate and current, the Sheriff cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Law enforcement agencies should confirm the information contained in this list before taking individuals into custody. If you have reason to believe that any of the information contained on this site is inaccurate, please contact the Sheriff's Office by e-mail at sheriff@lakecountyil.gov or by phone at 847.360.6300 Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

Anyone who uses information contained in this list to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution.
If you know the location of any of these wanted people,
contact your local law enforcement authority. ​​