Reducing Recidivism

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office creates, and participates in, efforts to reduce recidivism. The office contributes to crime and drug prevention, education and awareness initiatives. The State's Attorney's Office has also:

  • Created a Citizens Advisory Panel and a Case Review Panel;
  • Founded a Heroin/Opioid Prevention Task-Force;
  • Hired a Communications Manager to reach out to the community and create transparency as it relates to crime prevention and the reduction of recidivism;
  • Reorganized the State’s Attorney’s Office Division creating specialized units bringing a more focused approach;
  • Participates in Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring Court;
  • Continues the Blue Kids Project; and
  • Participates as a member of the Coalition to Reduce Recidivism in Waukegan.
The office focuses on reducing crime and recidivism by actively participating in the Lake County community. The presence of law enforcement and the State’s Attorney’s Office creates a connection between the community and the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.