Zoning Approvals

The unincorporated areas of Lake County are regulated by the provisions of Chapter 151:Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) of the Lake County Code of Ordinances.

Regulating Zoning

Under Chapter 151 (UDO) and accompanying Zoning Maps, the unincorporated areas of Lake County are divided into Zoning Districts. The UDO establishes, within each district, the uses (i.e. a  single-family house or a commercial establishment) that are permitted, allowed conditionally, or prohibited. The UDO also establishes standards (i.e. parking or landscaping requirements) for the uses. In addition, the UDO contains regulations relating to:
  • Density and dimensional (height and setback) standards
  • Impervious surface
  • Nonconformities
  • site capacity, site plan review and natural resource protection
  • Site development
  • Subdivision standards
There are fees associated with each of these zoning approvals. Please see the Land Development Fee Schedule (PDF) for details.

County Zoning Brochures

Zoning Brochures are available for the following topics and are applicable to property located only in unincorporated Lake County: