Woodland Analysis

Woodland Analysis & Protection

Woodland protection standards in unincorporated Lake County are designed to protect individual trees as well as woodland areas. Protection measures are applied to all developments that are subject to the Site Capacity Calculations and Site Plan procedures as stated in Section 151.070 of Chapter 151: Unified Development Ordinance of the Lake County Code.

The following factors determine protection requirements:
  • Genus or tree type
  • Size of tree or wooded area
  • Health condition of trees or woodland
When submitting development plans for review, applicants must provide the location and description of all protected trees or woodland areas. Please use the following examples to develop your resource inventory and plan.

Woodland Analysis & Inspection

Prior to creating development plans an applicant may request a woodland resource inspection. A determination can be made on site about the type and amount of information needed for plan review.

A Woodland Specialist can provide the following services:
  • Woodland Resource Determination without Delineation
  • Woodland Delineation
  • Woodland Delineation Review
  • Woodland Disturbance Inspection
  • Reforestation Plan Review and Inspection

Service Description

  • Woodland Resource Determination is conducted on-site with the applicant to determine the following:
    • The presence of protected trees or woodland areas
    • The general health condition of the vegetation
    • Information required for plan submittals
    • Required protection measures
  • Woodland Delineation (pre-approval is required) is conducted by the Woodland Specialist. The Woodland Specialist will tape or flag the perimeter of wooded areas that require protection or measure and classify individual trees. The information can be reviewed by the applicant’s consultant. The extent of the flagged area can be demarcated on aerial photos. The Woodland Specialist will also provide a brief report describing the protected woodland or trees.
  • Woodland Delineation Review is typically conducted during the plan review process. However this can be done earlier so the applicant can understand limitations that may be encountered during the development design and approval process. The Woodland Specialist will review information provided by the applicant’s consultant and verify it in the field for accuracy. A review letter will be provided by the Woodland Specialist.
  • Woodland Disturbance Inspection is required when the Lake County Planning, Building and Development Department is notified of suspected woodland or tree removal on a particular parcel. Staff will conduct a site inspection to determine if any protected resources have been disturbed. If disturbance has occurred, reforestation will be required in accordance with the Reforestation Plan Review.
  • Reforestation Plan Review and Installation Inspection occurs when unauthorized woodland or tree removal has been verified. Section 151.071 of Chapter 151:Unified Development Ordinance of the Lake County Code, contains the standards for reforestation.
For additional information or to schedule an inspection, please contact the Planning, Building and Development Department at 847-377-2875. 2600