Forms and Publications



  • Flush Responsibly! (PDF)
    Helpful tips for the proper disposal of common household waste and chemicals.
  • Water Conservation Guide (PDF)
    Information about household water consumption, both indoors and outdoors, and tips on conserving this precious resource.
  • Water Quality Reports
    Annual Consumer Confidence (CCR) Water Quality Reports describing the source, treatment and chemical analysis of each water distribution system.​
  • Sewer Backups (PDF)
    What is the cause? Who's responsible? How can I protect myself?

Lake County Code of Ordinances

The Lake County Code is searchable. Use the Lake County Code website's "quick search" function to return search results from within all county codes, or use the (Ctrl+f) search function built in to most browsers to return search results from within the section of the ordinance that is currently open in your browser.