Post Bond for an Inmate

Bond Procedures

It is the policy of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to accept bond to secure an inmate’s release from the Lake County Jail. Bond procedures are as follows for in-person posting (paying):
  • Bond will be accepted 24/7 through jail reception located at 20 South County Street in Waukegan.
  • Individuals posting bond must complete the Inmate Bond Identification Form.
  • Bond is only accepted in the form of cash or a certified cashier’s check.
  • If bond is posted (paid) with a certified cashier’s check, the certified cashier’s check must be made payable to the “Clerk of the Circuit Court”.
  • Personal checks, credit or debit cards, and traveler’s checks are not accepted for bond payment.
  • Individuals posting bond must complete page 2 of the 19th Judicial Circuit’s Bail Bond Form, acknowledging the bond posted may be used to pay costs, attorney’s fees, fines, or other purposes authorized by the Court.
  • When bond money posted (paid) is $10,000 or more, or if the inmate is charged with a statute of the controlled substances section, racketeering, or money laundering, the social security numbers of both the inmate (defendant) and the individual posting the bond must be provided. In addition, bonder must complete a Lake County Source of Bond Information Form and must provide a valid photo I.D. Acceptable forms of I.D. include:
    • State driver’s license or identification card
    • Valid military I.D.
    • Mexican Matricula card
    • Passport with attached photo

Bonding Procedures

Self-Release: With a self-release funding option, your loved one can be processed more efficiently and released faster, resulting in less time away from you. Incarcerated individuals and friends and family can deposit funds through ConnectNetwork that can be used to post bail/self-bond. 

Ways to Fund an Inmate’s Account

ConnectNetwork offers several secure and convenient ways to send money to an inmate’s Trust Fund and Self-Release: