Sale Location, Research and Requirements

A sale is held every Tuesday at 9:30 am unless a federal holiday falls on a Monday. 
Check the Sales Schedule (PDF) for current sale dates. 
The sale is held at the Lake County Courthouse located at 301 Washington St Waukegan Illinois on the second floor in the open seating area left of the escalator adjacent to the skyway. Only the sale is held at the courthouse. All other business is conducted at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office 25 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave Waukegan, Illinois. If you have questions or need assistance call 847-377-4401.

Foreclosure Research 

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office does not provide legal advice. We will only provide information about its policies and procedures pertaining to the foreclosure sales. If you have questions related to legal issues, consult with an attorney with experience in real estate/foreclosures or a seasoned investor. The court file for any foreclosure case is available for review at the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office, 18 North County Street Waukegan Illinois, or you can call them at 847-377-3380. You need to have the case number of the property you are interested in researching. The case number can be found under Foreclosed Property Sales link. 

Unpaid Back-Taxes 
Additional research is recommended at the Treasurer’s Office, 18 North County Street Waukegan Illinois. Their phone number is 847-377-2323. The Treasurer’s Office records the property’s back taxes due for the current year. You may be subject to unpaid taxes if you purchase the property. To conduct research, you will need to provide the PIN number, which can be found under the  Foreclosed Property Sales link. Unpaid back-taxes could be the financial responsibility of winning bidder unless they were escrowed by the bank. Research on back-taxes can be done through the Lake County Treasurer's Office online service

Additional Liens
If there are any additional liens held against the property, in many cases, liens may be rolled into the primary lien holder’s foreclosure lawsuit, but not always. Further research of liens can be done at the Recorder of Deed's Office. Recording examples would include, foreclosure notices, deeds, sales amounts, mortgages, liens, declarations, by-laws, restrictions, state and federal tax liens. These are all documents that may potentially impact the property rights of previous and future owners and the quality of title. It is recommended that potential buyers seek professional help from an attorney and/or title company. Research on liens can be done by calling the Lake County Recorder of Deeds Office at 847-377-2575 or subscribing to the Lake County Recorder of Deeds one-day subscription for $5.

Foreclosed Property Listings
The  Foreclosed Property Sales link has the scheduled sale dates, case numbers, addresses of the properties and the PIN. We do not provide hard copies of the Foreclosure Property Listings. Viewing the interior of the property is not permitted prior to the purchase.

Foreclosure Sale Requirements
The lender must provide an opening bid for a property to go to sale. Please review the  Foreclosed Property Sales link no later than the day prior to the sale. If the opening bid is not provided by the lender, the sale will be continued to a future date or, in some cases, canceled. No financing is available. Payments can be made in the form of a bank certified check (preferred method) or money order. No cash will be accepted. You must have at a minimum 10% of the opening (plaintiff) bid amount to participate in the bidding process. If there are multiple bidders, the bid will increase. We suggest you have at least 10% of the highest amount you are willing to bid. In the event you are the winning bidder, the balance is due any time after the sale but no later than 3 PM on the following Thursday. The certified checks can be issued to the Lake County Sheriff or in your name.

Property Deed
The Lake County Sheriff’s Office will issue the property deed only after the sale has been approved by the court. This time frame can fluctuate based on the volume of scheduled sales and court date availability. It is the responsibility of the lender’s attorneys to schedule this court date with the Clerk of the Circuit Court Office. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to record the property deed with the Recorder of Deeds Office.

A foreclosure sale is an “as is” purchase that could potentially be a high risk endeavor requiring knowledge of a specialized market and the willingness to thoroughly do the research and due diligence needed to be successful. The Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for any potential or unseen complications that could affect a sale. It is strongly recommended that perspective buyers, especially first timers, consider consulting a real estate attorney with foreclosure experience or a seasoned investor before proceeding with this process. It is absolutely imperative you understand this is an upfront monetary transaction that could potentially have your funds tied up for an extended period of time before you receive the deed and take possession of the property.