Plaintiff Requirements

Templates for the documents listed below are available by emailing a request to:

  • Post-Sale Documents (certificate of sale, report of sale, receipt of sale)
  • Order Approving Sale (OAS)
  • Sheriff's Deed

Required Documents

When scheduling a sale date with the Sheriff’s Office, the Plaintiff’s attorney will provide a file-stamped, certified or conformed copy (Judge’s Signature/Stamp and Circuit Court File Stamp) of the Judgment or Order of Foreclosure including an adjudication of the date of expiration of the period of redemption. A cover letter is required on business letterhead to include a requested sale date. The Plaintiff’s attorney will receive a confirmation when the sale is scheduled by the Judicial Sales Division of the Sheriff’s Office. All required documents, including publication notices, will be substantially in accordance with the forms provided by the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Certificate / Proof of Publication

The Certificate/Proof of Publication must be received no later than 3 P.M. the business day preceding the scheduled sale date. The Certificate/Proof of Publication can be emailed to The Notice of Publication must be published in a local newspaper in the county at least three consecutive calendar weeks (Sunday through Saturday) once in each week. The first such notice to be published not more than 45 days prior to the sale, the last such notice to be published not less than 7 days prior to the sale in accordance with 735 ILCS 5/15-1507.

Cancellations and Continuances

Notices of cancellation or continuance will only be accepted from the Plaintiff. Plaintiffs canceling or continuing foreclosures must do so in writing. Cancellations and continuances can be emailed to If a sale is continued more than 59 days after the originally published sale date, a new publication is required.

Location of Sale

Foreclosure sales are held every Tuesday (with the exception of holidays) at 9:30 A.M.:

Foreclosure sales are held in the open seating area at the top of the escalators, on the second floor of the Lake County Courthouse at 301 W Washington St in Waukegan. (Building is attached by walkway with 18 N County St.)

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, transactions before and after sales, including payments, issuing deeds, etc. must be coordinated through prior arrangements with Judicial Sales Staff.

For questions or directions to the new location contact the Judicial Sales Department at (847) 377-4401.

If a federal holiday falls on a Monday, it may affect the scheduling of the following sale day. Please check the Sales Schedule on the main page.  


The total Sheriff’s Commission Fee is $600 per sale.

A $300 non-refundable initial payment of the Sheriff’s Commission fee is due upon receipt of the Judgment or Order of Foreclosure and prior to scheduling a sales date. The balance of the Sheriff’s Commission fee of $300 is due after the sale and prior to issuing the deed. If a Judgment for Foreclosure Order contains multiple PINs, and the individual properties are divided at the sale and sold independently, an additional Sheriff’s Commission Fee of $600 will be assessed.


Each sale is conducted in an open bidding format beginning with the Plaintiff’s opening bid.  During the sale, the Sheriff’s Office only accepts bids by registered bidders with verified funds or the Plaintiff’s representative, if they are competitively bidding on their behalf.  Registered bidders will be individually called on for their bid.  This process will continue until there is a winning bidder.  All real estate contained within a Judgment of Foreclosure will be offered for sale in its entirety in satisfaction of the debt, unless otherwise specified by court order or upon request of the Plaintiff to offer for sale; any part, parcel or portion of the real estate to be sold independently.

Post Sale Documents

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office recommends the Plaintiff’s Attorney prepare and submit (no later than the business day following the sale) the following documents for the selling officer’s signature: Certificate of Sale, Report of Sale, and Receipt of Sale.  These documents must be returned to the court to be approved at a Confirmation Hearing.  The selling officer is not responsible for recording these documents with the court. Confirmation Hearings are scheduled by the Clerk of the Circuit Court.  All documents received by the Sheriff’s Office pertinent to the sale are filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court at the conclusion of the case.

Confirmation Hearing

Scanned or emailed copies are sufficient for a Confirmation Hearing.

Issuance of Sheriff’s Deed

After the Confirmation Hearing, the Plaintiff’s attorney must submit the Order Approving Sale and a completed Deed to the Sheriff’s Office.  The Deed is issued after full payment of Sheriff’s commission fees.  The Lake County Sheriff’s Office will create the deeds for all third party sales.

Disbursement of Funds to the Plaintiff

In the case of a third-party sale, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office will issue a check to the Plaintiff only upon the direction of a signed court order.  The Ordering Approving Sale document must specify the name of the Plaintiff and the amount to be disbursed.


All documents received by the Sheriff’s Office pertinent to the sale are filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court at the conclusion of the case.